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    Malcolm Harris (lundi, 28 mai 2018 17:37)

    David and Patricia Review
    This review probably needs to be put in a bit of context.
    My wife and I have known David and Patricia for a number of years. Neither of us is a vegan. They are very keen to establish their new business and are always meticulous in how they approach any challenge. They were keen to rehearse the whole table d’hôte experience before they open to the general public and we were more than happy to act as the vegan equivalent of a guinea pig! They also asked us if we would be prepared to write a short review giving our overall impressions, and to be as objective as possible, as though we were paying guests.
    David and Patricia’s house is situated in Malabat village. Parking is available off-road at their front gate, but there is a public car park outside the village town hall, about 50 yards down the road, in the middle of the village. The meal is served at the kitchen table in their large and well-appointed kitchen.
    David and Patricia are passionate about vegan food. Many of the ingredients are grown in their extensive organic garden. For our evening meal, much of the afternoon had been spent preparing, using a range of specialist heavy duty blenders and dehydrating machines.
    As an appetizer we were served figs in aubergine with a tasty dip. Our starter was a red pepper soup served chilled. The main course consisted of fresh peas, spinach and sunflower seeds samosa, served with a spicy cucumber raita. The dessert was a vegan-style black forest gateau.
    All the courses were extremely flavoursome and from the standpoint of a non-vegan, surprisingly filling and varied: not just versions of nut cutlets and soya! What made the meal both unusual and interesting was that, as each course appeared, David and Patricia explained what the ingredients were and exactly how the dishes had been prepared. It was good to see two people so passionate and enthusiastic about their life style choice.
    For existing vegans an evening at David and Patricia’s would provide an opportunity to try some interesting dishes, beautifully prepared by some like-minded converts. For those toying with becoming vegan, it would offer the chance to experience vegan food served by people who certainly know their onions (and countless other vegetables) on the subject, who would be more than willing to share their knowledge and expertise. For food atheists like us, it would be a rare chance to see what vegan dining is all about. On whatever level it should be a worthwhile evening.